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Louis Lapointe

Communication design

As per decades of professional involvement in Graphic Design, Louis Lapointe was given the opportunity to witness the evolution of emerging technologies and their impact on communication design.

His long-standing experience as a graphic design instructor further adds to his credibility; he has also been a contributor to various publications, including FORMES – a Québec-based magazine – that has enabled him to share his knowledge of various disciplines pertaining to Design. Louis was also a member of the SDGQ for a period of 15 years. 

His mandate included the update of the association’s Code of Ethics as well as implementation of the certification known as Registered Graphic Designer in the province of Quebec.

Photo: Diane Choiniere

If his work as a visual artist somehow receded for a number of years, it has resurfaced with especial force of late.

Solo Exhibitions (biography)

2007 – Mémoires – Agora de la Danse, Montréal
1992 – Lieux de réflexion – Ottawa/Gatineau
1989 – Kimonos/Collages – Japanese Pavilion at Montreal Botanical Garden
1986-88 – Kimono – Tokyo Mikimoto Hall, Québec Government Office in New York, Japanese Pavillon at  Montreal Botanical Garden.
1986-88 – Kimono – A traveling exhibition presented in six regional museums in Quebec.

Group Exhibitions (biography)

2023 – Verdun à l’avant-scène, Montréal
1994 – Deus Ex Machina – Galerie 101, Ottawa
1990 – Imagina 90 International computer art, Bry-sur-Marne (France)
1987 – Rendez-vous médiatique – UQAM, Montréal

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