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Each work of that series was created using colored pencils, except for the occasional use of overpainted white gouache. So far, this process never involved techniques such as collage or any chemical transfer of appropriated images. As a rule, I begin a new drawing by analysing the work of a celebrated artist. As a starting point, I use the basic composition, colours as well as shadows and light. From that point on, I start improvising while still being faithful – to a certain extent – to the masterpiece of a famous artist. Elements are freely added to the composition, thus creating a surreal or even expressionistic mood and my aim is to tell stories that each viewer is entirely free to relate to in his or her way.

Textures are created by the juxtaposition of small strokes, which further add movement as well as modulations to the overall surface. It is indeed a meditative process which clearly makes me focus – without any distraction whatsoever – on the here and now.

Kindly note that the suggested price does not include frame, postage, and handling.

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